9 Essential Ingredients Every Small Business Marketing Plan Needs.

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As a small business owner, you have heard all the hype. You know you need to have a presence online to survive in today’s technology-driven business world. Online marketing is a bit of a mystery to many small business owners. And, even more, intimidating is local marketing.

As confusing as it may be, many small business owners, just like you, are often lead to believe that they can conduct their local marketing SEO the same way as the national brands. What works for the national brands will not work for your local small business trying to beat out the local competition.

It is hard for any business owner to understand the difference between right and wrong about local SEO marketing, as the majority of information available is unclear and inconsistent. Let’s look at some of the myths behind successful SEO for local business.

Link building/earning

There are a lot of confusion surrounds this subject and primarily arises from Google’s attempt to stop unnatural links. Matt Cutts made a recent comment that people trying to build SEO should stop guest posting. However, there is nothing wrong with posting valuable content in the form of guest posts. In fact, there are specific directories that every business should be in and is safe in Google’s eyes.

Business Listings

It has been thought by many local businesses, that if they claim their business listings online, it will boost their rankings. Yes, it is beneficial to claim your business, but it is not the sole reason for increasing SEO. Many other factors are involved in SEO marketing.

Social Media

Social media or social search is the rave today. Businesses that have embraced social media are experiencing enhanced SEO marketing. Social media marketing creates natural backlinks when users on sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, share your site and information with others. The key is to post consistently, post value driven content and stay active in conversations.

Your Domain/Brand

It’s best to keep your domain name focused on your company name or brand name. Adding keywords to your domain name does not typically provide any SEO support, not anymore. It is the other SEO marketing activities that will promote you and help in achieving higher search rankings.

Mobile Search

Mobile searching is essential for local SEO marketing. The majority of searches completed on a mobile device are performed for local services and products. Making sure that your website is ideal for mobile devices can impact your rankings. If you have not considered a mobile platform for your business, you should.

Quality Content

It was once believed that link building was the only way to build successful SEO, however, with the changes in Google’s algorithms, writing compelling content is becoming the preferred method of SEO marketing. As discussed above, link building is still relevant, however, investing in value-driven content for web pages, blog posts and more, will bring more quality links and leads to you and your website.

Local or City Pages

At the very least you want to have your city and state listed on your website to be included in local searches. Title tags, on-page citations, and links should all clearly state where you are located. However, if you want to boost your local SEO searches, create a separate local landing page for each niche of your business. These local landing pages will place you higher in local searches.

Competition Research

You should know your local competition. If your industry is saturated with businesses such as yours, you may find it difficult to rank near the top of local searches, though not impossible. You will need to invest a great deal in multiple SEO approaches, consistently, to promote your business to new customers and increase your local search ranking.


Photos and Video are necessary. Multimedia can be beneficial in increasing your local search ranking. Images and videos often show in Google searches as blended displays; therefore, these multimedia pieces can provide additional opportunities to get your business found. If you feel that there is no way to implement photos or videos into your business marketing, think again. Use your imagination – videos of processes, pictures of company events or other local events related to your service or product, all make great marketing pieces.

There are many SEO marketing strategies, some that were once considered mainstream. It’s challenging for a business owner to keep up with constantly evolving search strategies and practices. However, knowing which are the myths and which are not can help you to make more efficient decisions with your SEO marketing campaigns.

Whether you hire a trained marketer to help you with your SEO or you do it yourself, you should understand that SEO is about the overall experience for the user or searcher. Take that into consideration, and you’ll generate more leads and sales online.

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